[linux-elitists] elitism vs. laziness

Don Marti dmarti@zgp.org
Tue Feb 13 22:50:15 PST 2001

I'm trying pdnsd on my laptop, and it Works Great For Me(tm) so far.
Thanks to Raghavendra Bhat for mentioning it on this list last week.
No issues with the debian package, which is how I install almost all
software now. Damn, I'm a lazy bastard. Still, it's going to get a
filler item about it written for LJ after I kick it around a little next
road trip.

Now for some fun words from our favorite parasite assholes:

"We're feeling very bullish on the e-mail side right now."
 -- Kevin Ryan, Chief Executive, DoubleClick

He also blithered some idiocy to the effect that print magazines are 65%
ads and web sites are less than 25%, so web sites are going to get MORE
ADS. Excuse me, but when I go to lameassmainstreammedia.com without a
web jimmyhat, most of the bandwidth used in one page is the ad graphics
(seeing as the unique stuff is HTML and the main graphics are repeated
across pages.) It's as if you got a regular paper magazine and the ads
were printed on thicker paper. (which they are, in the Economist, but I

So, that means all the more reason for me to package up Aaron's
webclean-based squid plugin as a Debian package to save all the poor
freaks out there from Kevin's excesses. It's much better than junkbuster
because it uses real genuine super-deluxe regular expressions, not just
shell patterns, and because it allows easy categorization of annoyances
into HTML, popup, image, or whatever, and deals with them in the
appropriate way.

That means I have to become a member of the elite super-secret Debian
Society, which means I have to learn gnupg, so please send me some
gnupg-encrypted mail so I can get the hang of it. Public key at:
http://zgp.org/~dmarti/gnupg (I know it isn't much good until I go to
the keysigning Saturday.)

While we're on the subject of Debian, how about some excellent Elitism
from debian-devel:

"I support measures which raise the bar to new maintainers,
provided they concentrate on qualities that are valuable in a
developer - chiefly, a very high level of technical competence.

In my personal opinion, anyone who thinks that it's a problem that
these procedures are elitist should not be a Debian developer, but
should go off and do something else.  Elitism - ie a high standard of
techical excellence - is *exactly* what we're here for, and continue
failure to recognise that will lead and is leading to problems."

-- Ian Jackson 

Commendable elitism, but...anyone made it through the Debian new
maintainer process recently? Or in the middle of it? Last I knew it
was a major effort, and seeing how well I do with bureaucracy (only
due to Gray Davis's distraction by the California power crisis was I
able to get so much as a drivers license) I had better get started now,
even before I resolve the "distributed shitlist" issue with Aaron and
find a new name for webclean, there already being a webclean_er_ dot
sourceforge dot net. Maybe just call it jimmyhat?

Anyone else besides Mr. Bad going to the O'Reilly P2P conference
tomorrow? Personally I think P2P should become "pimp to pimp" since
it's a tremendous opportunity for universal intermediation and
tastemaking once they get rid of all these silly no-imagination
Metallica-listening copyright infringers.

More p2p news: libfreenet (C library for freenet) successfully inserted
itself into Freenet. Check it out: http://thalassocracy.org/libfreenet/

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