[linux-elitists] Secure CVS

Heather star@starshine.org
Sun Feb 11 10:27:57 PST 2001

> Heather wrote:
> > And it's a side note but you might also find the notes on using a local
> > CVS repository that automatically goes to momma/the remote repository when
> > reasonable:  http://www.engelschall.com/pw/apache/cvsguide/
> > ... to be a handy way to keep your colleagues from whining that doing The
> > Right Think makes life slow.  Some abuse of the instructions required, of 
> > course.
> Hm, I've often suspected cvsup would allow that, but never got up the
> gumption to try it. What scares me is cross-repository conflicts. That
> is to say, when happens if:
> 1. I commit a change to the local repository copy on my laptop.
> 2. Someone else commits a conflicitng change to the master repository.
> 3. I ask cvsup to update my local repository from the remote repository,
>    which now have conflicting things checked into them. What does it do?
>    Trample over my local repository changes? Die a horrible flaming
>    death? Magically DTRT?
Isn't this what CVS is *for*, to handle conflicts during merge?

How is this any different from, you checked something out, goofed with it
all weekend... meanwhile, some faster fella than you checked similar stuff

It doesn't.

Either the change fragments are not close enough to each other to conflict, 
and they will merge without hiccups, or you touched the same lines of code,
and they won't.  

Of course, neither solves conflicting design issues, that is, you both added
a necessary feature, but wildly different implementations - and for whatever
reason they didn't conflict, so now you have both of them, which may cause
much more subtle headaches.

> Has anyone actually tried this?

I doubt any group of developers larger than 6 has -never- had a time when 
two folks were both checking in stuff.

The better question is: 
1) is its checkin sufficiently like a checkin of developer raw material, 
   that the "real" (master) repository doesn't know anything about your 
   local fandango?
2) Do any little CVS variable-comments you might have, confuse things?
> (Another thing that page glosses over is preventing collisions of
> revision numbers, but I know a hack to cvs that works around that
> problem.)
> -- 
> see shy jo, who keeps $HOME in cvs.

Hmmm.  And I still haven't applied the grand unified theory to my desktop/
laptop usage.  Someday...

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                -- Aldo Leopold

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