[linux-elitists] LUxWorks--GCC

R P Herrold herrold@owlriver.com
Sat Feb 10 20:23:05 PST 2001

Dear Mr. Fajardo

There has arisen a bit of a question on the LUxWorks for
Windows product, which seems pretty clearly to be derivative
from the GCC compiler.  The annexed job posting, and the
UseNix proceeding article at
and a review of the API in the Technical Reference at
and the optimization strategies at page 15 of
seem to make it pretty clear that the code is a simple lift
of, or is directly based on software covered by the General
Programming License (GPL) of the Free Software Foundation.

As you are probably aware, the GPL requires that the enhanced
source be made freely available.

Please advise of the anon FTP site and directory tree
location, or other GPL compliant avenue through which I might
obtain the full source fof the LuxWork product family.

--Thanks,  Russ Herrold


HTML dump on Sat Feb 10 23:09:34 EST 2001


From: Lincoln Fajardo
Subject: Job opportunities at Lucent Technologies

Lucent Technologies is a $25 Billion, telecommunications giant
experiencing unprecedented growth since our unleashing from
AT&T. Lucent MicroElectronics is a market leader in the developement
of Digital Signal Processors for our domestic and international
customers that manufacture cellular, paging, modem and fax equipment.

To support our growing family of DSP's we are creating a leading
edge programming environment called LUxWORKS (TM).
We need talented individuals to develop C/C++ compilers, linkers, and
debuggers/profilers. We are looking for software engineers with
experience  in the above areas. Requirements: MS or PhD in CS and
C/C++ development under Unix/Windows. Experience with Tcl/Tk or
with GNU or Metaware compilers another plus.

Join a team of Bell Labs engineers in Allentown, PA
that are focused on competitive R&D and having fun.
Lucent is an equal opportunity employer that believes diversity
is an economic necessity.

Foward your resume to: lfajardo@lucent.com


Lincoln Fajardo, TMGR
Bell Labs
Lucent Technologies

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