[linux-elitists] GCC GPL Violation Alert

R P Herrold herrold@owlriver.com
Sat Feb 10 19:40:51 PST 2001

On Sat, 10 Feb 2001, Ruben I Safir - Brooklyn Linux Solutions CEO wrote:

>  Does anyone know that Lucent Technologies has violated the GPL by using
> GCC as part of the LUXWORKS compiler for WINDOWS to program
> a 16k DSP series of chips... and in addition - they then sold it toooo
> lots of companies working with the chips.
> This is a serious violation of the GPL

I am a sport ... So long as they'll provide me with the
modified source, there is no violation ... What is the formal
name of the product, and the vendor's address, and I'll post a
certified letter and advise ... I infer there must be headers
which have been infectiously polluted by the GPL to make GCC
emit Win code -- neat !  If not, the FSF has a clear case.

Please advise.

-- Russ

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