[linux-elitists] Secure CVS

Jeff Waugh jdub@aphid.net
Sat Feb 10 17:03:35 PST 2001

<quote who="Heather">

> Funny, that's exactly what joey says in his description of running CVS
> over ssh:  http://kitenet.net/programs/sshcvs/

Aha! This is *almost* there...

> (btw, Thanks should go to Rick for the pile of notes he keeps at linuxmafia.)

I've just had a quick look -> Rick, you rock! And that shirt...

> Hmm, well it appears that the deep magic centers around having fun with the
> "where do I find/what I use for rsh" variable.

Aye, and the ssh magic on the other end -> I'm but an apprentice when it
comes to the seedy side of ssh.

> One presumes that it would be as easy to set up several dumdum meta-users
> to land in CVS joey's way, so that you could tell who was coming in.

Unless there's a way of logging in with the fake cvs server users (like you
would with a non-/etc/passwd-based pserver), this looks like the best thing
to do (given that we're not looking at anoncvs in this instance, and need to
know who to raise eyebrows at when things go awry).

> Er, you don't have any colleagues still using MSwin, do you?

Thank the maker, no! Thanks for everyone else's suggestions though in this
regard, next time we can't drag a developer kicking and screaming (but
ultimately smiling and cooing like a baby) to Linux, this will come in

Thanks Heather, Joey, Rick and Deirdre!

- Jeff

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