[linux-elitists] Secure CVS

Joey Hess joey@kitenet.net
Sat Feb 10 14:39:01 PST 2001

Heather wrote:
> And it's a side note but you might also find the notes on using a local
> CVS repository that automatically goes to momma/the remote repository when
> reasonable:  http://www.engelschall.com/pw/apache/cvsguide/
> ... to be a handy way to keep your colleagues from whining that doing The
> Right Think makes life slow.  Some abuse of the instructions required, of 
> course.

Hm, I've often suspected cvsup would allow that, but never got up the
gumption to try it. What scares me is cross-repository conflicts. That
is to say, when happens if:

1. I commit a change to the local repository copy on my laptop.
2. Someone else commits a conflicitng change to the master repository.
3. I ask cvsup to update my local repository from the remote repository,
   which now have conflicting things checked into them. What does it do?
   Trample over my local repository changes? Die a horrible flaming
   death? Magically DTRT?

Has anyone actually tried this?

(Another thing that page glosses over is preventing collisions of
revision numbers, but I know a hack to cvs that works around that

see shy jo, who keeps $HOME in cvs.

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