[linux-elitists] Secure CVS

Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Sat Feb 10 14:30:16 PST 2001

begin  Heather quotation:

> (btw, Thanks should go to Rick for the pile of notes he keeps at
> linuxmafia.)

I'm soon going to add some more material to it regarding CVS/Win32
matters, because of having recently found this:

Win32/CVS/SSH Guide

It's attributed to bsimser@home.com (who turns out to be Bil Simser of
Calgary, Pascal guy; verbose weblog here: http://members.home.net/bsimser/).

Simser's document in turn called my attention to command-line and goo-ey
Win32 implmentations of cvs.exe directly from cyclic.com -- whose file
locations Simser has wrong.  They should be:


They're in the middle of migrating to cvshome.org, so the following may
be better in the long term:


Either Simser's technique, or improvements in the standard cvs.exe, or
both _apparently_ make Gordon Chaffee's patch no longer necessary.  (I
haven't looked into that.)

There are also some alternative goo-ey Win32 CVS clients:  WinCVS (see: 

...ICE Engineering's (Tim Endres's) Java-based jCVS (includes daemon code, 
has SSH tips at

...and tkCVS by "Del" <del@babel.matra.com.au> (which wraps around
Cyclic's CVS binary rather than replacing it) with SSH tips for *ix only
at http://www.twobarleycorns.net/FAQ

> Among the many sources of evil is the question of whether you have ssh
> tools for windows that will properly demand a passphrase.

That is among the SSH details that I've been unable to investigate for
lack of access to antique computing environments.  ;->  But at least my
ssh-clients list should furnish a wealth of candidates.

Cheers,                                Before enlightenment, caffeine.
Rick Moen                              After enlightenment, caffeine.

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