[linux-elitists] nature of elitism, or of lists

Heather star@starshine.org
Fri Feb 2 10:54:24 PST 2001

[was: the thread about vixie about bind list stuff in reply to other dns

> Note: You seem to have taken my response as me stating my own
> viewpoints.  The things that I have said below are not my view
> points. They are my impression about what is going on in Vixie's mind.
> -ben

Other than the parenthetical on the nature of elitism, I assumed it was
all a quote from some posting you had seen from Paul.

And, my comments were therefore to the general case points he raised;
no personal reference intended, although I was being more ascerbic than
my usual self, probably a side effect of how much I sleep during LG week!

Anyways, it's not the potential existence of an elite real-bind-developers
list I mind, it's the idea that (1) "they" (not even necessarily Paul himself)
are planning to do this to an already extant list, and (2) the impression
that there might be advisory class bugs posted to it but not anywhere else.

Advisories are different than "think I found a flaw, here's a 'sploit" --
they're "evil bug found, fix/workaround/bewailment-of-time-needed at 
http://foo" -- although it's certainly true that BugTraq does both.

* Heather * A debugged program is one for which you have not yet found the 
            conditions that make it fail.  -- Jerry Ogdin
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