[linux-elitists] anybody using non BIND dns?

Heather star@starshine.org
Fri Feb 2 10:52:03 PST 2001

Mr. Bad:
> > I advocate throwing both Ben and Heather off the list. Hopefully into
> > some kind of gladiatorial mud pit where they have to attack each other
> > with tooth and nail.

> Gees people seemed to taken my comments as expressing my own views. I
> was expressing impression of what Vixie is thinking. I have no
> argument with Heather.

And I have no argument with you, though I *was* playing up being snippy
with the content (of what I assumed was an excerpt from elsewhere), as a
play-on-style of the nature of elitism.  So anyone who deluded themselve 
that I was putting heavy emotional energy in has to cover a round of drinks.

OTOH Mr.Bad might have said this merely so that he can see nerds mud-wrestling,
and sell tickets.  I think his message really translates to "aww this is 
getting rediculous"... but maybe that's his cover story.

* Heather * Why you say you no bunny rabbit when you have little powder-puff 
            tail?  -- The Tasmanian Devil

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