Mud-wrestling, ws: [linux-elitists] anybody using non BIND dns?

R P Herrold
Thu Feb 1 19:31:09 PST 2001

On 1 Feb 2001, Mr.Bad wrote:

> >>>>> "H" == Heather  <> writes:
>     H> All OS' suck for different reasons.  All hardware sucks for
>     H> different reasons.  In our lives we classically merge so many
>     H> things that suck it's amazing we gar gar gar gar gar
> I advocate throwing both Ben and Heather off the list. Hopefully into
> some kind of gladiatorial mud pit where they have to attack each other
> with tooth and nail.

... Is Gerraldo Rivera or Chris Matthews going to 'moderate'?;
Once that's done (probably to a draw), I'd like to see Theo
and RMS go at each other on BSD v GPL licenses ...

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