[linux-elitists] anybody using non BIND dns?

Heather star@starshine.org
Thu Feb 1 14:56:59 PST 2001

[ trimming mercilessly ]
> Given BIND's current "going closed" tendency something like that might
> suddenly become of great importance...
> ---->
> Requirements of bind-members will be:
> 	1. Not-for-profit members can have their fees waived
> 	2. Use of PGP (or possibly S/MIME) will be mandatory
> 	3. Members will receive information security training
> 	4. Members will sign strong nondisclosure agreements
> Features and benefits of "bind-members" status will include:
> 	1. Private access to the CVS pool where bind4, bind8 and bind9
> live
> 	2. Reception of early warnings of security or other important
> flaws

The idea that you should have to pay and sign nondisclose for security flaws
that they know about... such Bull***!  Ican see it for early access to source
code (assuming that they follow a model of new changes are under some private
license until debugged... snort if you want, but that's basically what the
XFCOM sequence is about).   

Anyone serious can attend an IETF conference so the 3rd "feature" is not
worth much.

So let's see if I'm interpreting this right, they're really "re-purposing"
the list from a high-level-dev interest point, to a consortium-members kind
of thing.  Be on the committee that invents the next horse, pay to be there,

Would have done better to spawn a different list, and announce whatever lack
of participation they were going to be "adding" to the other one so they could
hope it would dwindle and die.  Ah.  marketing spin wants the list name, I 


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