[linux-elitists] http://www.fcc.gov and LINUX exclusion (fwd)

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Subject: http://www.fcc.gov and LINUX exclusion (fwd)

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Subject: http://www.fcc.gov and LINUX exclusion

Hello Group;

Sorry about the long mail list.

I would like to request you to contact your State Representative,
Senators and the Federal Communication Commission Officers about a
issue that is causing ALL UNIX/Linux and Apple users a problem.  It
seems that the FCC has chosen to exclude all NON Microshaft NT/95
users from being able to use their Internet Universal Licensing System
which they have requested FCC Licenses holder to use for license

The problem is that it requires a JavaScript Plug-in that is a
Microsoft product only.

Simply go to "http://wireless.fcc.gov/uls" and then select "ONLINE
FILING".  I believe this to be the complete path to the failure.
Which is "This plug-in only runs on Windows NT/95".

We need to protect the finest operating system from being excluded
from the United States by our Government Officials.

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