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Adam Sampson azz@gnu.org
Thu Dec 27 17:13:45 PST 2001

burton@openprivacy.org (Kevin A. Burton) writes:

> C# sucks... why duplicate Java?

Because Java sucks _more_. C# is very clearly a Java ripoff, but it's
somewhat closer to what I'd consider a pleasant language to be; for
instance, it's got function references (including Python-style bound
methods) and operator overloading, and they've got some interesting
stuff like the special syntax for accessors.

I'm not using C# or the CLR, though, since that would mean using a
standard library designed by Microsoft---and as much as I'd like to
have a single backend into which I could plug all the languages I like
to use, I don't think I could last very long against such
monstrosities as "guiObject += listener", Hungarian naming and lack of
layout objects in their GUI (heck, even Sun got that one right).

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