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Matt Beland matt@rearviewmirror.org
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On Thursday 27 December 2001 10:20 am, you wrote:
> Well, my daignosis (maybe in 92 or so), was a lot more high tech than
> Matt's.  My complaint was numbness in both hands and some occasional
> pain (esp after working on my car).  The neuroligist connected a
> surface electrode to my shoulder and two more to either side of my
> wrist.  We then stared at how long the impulses injected from the
> shoulder took to reach each of the wrist electrodes on a CRT (triple
> trace o-scope with an appropriate filter essentially).  It seemed the
> impulses were taking their time crossing the wrist.  Pretty neat, I
> thought.  Then came the muscle test which entails an electrode
> _insterted_ into the muscle.  That part was not fun.  Maybe now they
> don't need to do the 'scope bit to nail down the diagnosis.

The MD did the first part of that, the surface electrode test, but only as
confirmation; he made the diagnosis first based on my description of the
symptoms, his observations, and the results of the finger test. Then he did
the surface electrode test as confirmation and to pin a number on it.

However, the chiropractor felt it was a complete waste of time. If I remember
correctly, his exact words were "You're arms are not computerized. I don't
want a computer to tell me when you're feeling better - you will do that." I
have to say he was right - I went back to the MD once to prove that the
chiropractor had fixed the problem, and he did the surface electrodes again.
At no point, either in the initial tests or in the last one, did it ever show
anything I didn't already know.

Though it was kind of a cool thing to watch. <G>

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