[linux-elitists] TurboLinux hiring Marketing Mgr.

Don Marti dmarti@zgp.org
Thu Dec 27 11:12:23 PST 2001

Turbolinux is running an ad in the SJ Mercury News for a "Senior
Product Marketing Mgr." to be based in Brisbane, California and
"help launch a new product line that is revolutionizing the way
servers are deployed and managed."


"Key management responsibilities will include driving the product
definition, management of the product lifecycle, competitive
analysis, pricing & product positioning."

"Exp. with system management or middleware software is desirable."

Resumes to jobs@turbolinux.com.

It would be wonderful to have someone with a clue, or even half
a clue, get this job or others like it.  I'm getting tired of the
"We're geeks and we're smart and we make useful things and Marketing
fucks them up and nobody gets to use them and that's just the way
it is" tradition around here.

How can a creative person stand to make something good and watch
it buried, contaminated, or destroyed?  Doesn't it take a lot out
of you?  Maybe that's why the Silicon Valley Elite don't have inner


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