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Kevin A. Burton burton@openprivacy.org
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Jason Spence <thalakan@lightconsulting.com> writes:

> On Thu, Dec 27, 2001 at 12:58:26AM -0800, Kevin A. Burton developed
> a new theory of relativity and: 
> > Don Marti <dmarti@zgp.org> writes:
> > 
> > > begin Brenno J.S.A.A.F. de Winter quotation of Mon, Dec 17, 2001 at 10:23:56AM +0100:
> > > 
> > > > While working on a series of articles on the effects of .NET to the 
> > > > industry I came across the DOTGNU project ( www.dotgnu.org). 
> > > 
> > > The problem with saying that you're going to do a "Free .NET" is
> > > that ".NET" is a silly step-on-other-people's-terminology
> > > marketing gimmick that will either get replaced by another name or
> > > start referring to something else.
> > 
> > A lot of the .NET stuff is based on what they have pushed through
> > the ECMA.
> > 
> > > If you break the whole mess down, as far as I can tell you get a
> > > rounded-scissors version of C++, a standard library for same, a virtual
> > > machine, and a Big Brother bank/authentication/anal probe system.
> > 
> > I am all for criticizing MS... but Hailstorm is a .NET application,
> > not really .NET.
> This is true.  What is not obvious is that parts of .NET will use Hailstorm
> whether you want it to or not so as to 'enhance' the experience for the user
> by customizing the behavior of certain APIs.  The developer exercises
> available for .NET already show Microsoft leaning in that direction.
> Smart applications are a good idea, but I want personal data hosting
> (outsourced preferences?) to be a commoditized service.  I want an *easily
> accessible* global preference in my operating system that points at who I have
> chosen as that provider, and I want all my applications to query that, not a
> hardcoded URL.

Don't worry.  Hailstorm is already dead.

Even if there was no competition or protests just the fact that it is the
STUPIDEST thing thing since MS BOB should kill it off.

- - centralized service
- - storing secure information on an insecure platform (Windows)
- - totally proprietary.

Sorry.  The future is an open and destributed system *just* based on
public/private key crypt.


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