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Jeff Waugh jdub@perkypants.org
Thu Dec 27 02:40:25 PST 2001

<quote who="Jason Spence">

> Yeah, that portable runtime library.
> Mozilla would be a good start.
> Then compare Informix and Oracle's source.  I'll bet that the utility
> libraries do basically the same things with different APIs.
> Then look at everything else.  Figure out a common set of needed
> functionality (even if it's 10,000 entries big).
> Then codify the APIs and submit them to ISO.

Funny, I asked Tridge about this wrt Samba last time he was at SLUG. He said
it "would be nice" to have a decent cross-platform library, but everyone had
their own special needs, so it would be a bunfight to get any agreement on
the APIs, functions to include, bloat-barometer, etc.

The obvious ones:

  APR: http://apr.apache.org/

  GLib: http://developer.gnome.org/doc/API/2.0/glib/index.html

  NSPR: http://mozilla.org/projects/nspr/index.html

There's also a few lesser-known ones hanging around; apt-cache search for
them. Then you've got your random stuff that hasn't been hacked off into
libraries from projects such as XFree86, SAMBA, just about every scripting
language known to man, etc., etc.

Any big ones I've missed?

[ Beyond the portable runtime library stuff, think of all the bindings work
people are doing. More Free libraries, more bindings; more Free languages
(domain-specific or not), more bindings. It's crazy shit, and slowing us
down. ]

- Jeff

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