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Jeff Waugh jdub@perkypants.org
Thu Dec 27 01:31:40 PST 2001

<quote who="Kevin A. Burton">

> > The problem with saying that you're going to do a "Free .NET" is that ".NET"
> > is a silly step-on-other-people's-terminology marketing gimmick that will
> > either get replaced by another name or start referring to something else.
> A lot of the .NET stuff is based on what they have pushed through the ECMA.
> > If you break the whole mess down, as far as I can tell you get a
> > rounded-scissors version of C++, a standard library for same, a virtual
> > machine, and a Big Brother bank/authentication/anal probe system.
> I am all for criticizing MS... but Hailstorm is a .NET application, not really
> .NET.

.NET is a marketing term for the entire developer platform all the way up to
the applications provided by Microsoft; thus the confusion.

Don is just being a whimpering elitist, not separating the marketing guff
from the technology. :)

> > Some of these might make interesting free software projects for some people.
> > I still don't know what problem each part is supposed to solve, though.
> C# sucks... why duplicate Java? (of course it is an ECMA stanard).  CLI is cool.
> Hopefully SUN will see this as competition Open Source Java.  It is their only
> way out...

Why? The CLR is a far better, and far more future-proof (read: programmer's
ego proof) technology. "Java" is as silly a marketing mix of technologies as
".NET", only when you get down to it, it's just one language, lots of
policy, and lots of Sun Microsystems buy-in.

So, whilst Don may choose his non-rounded-scissors C++, I'll happily hack
away in Python, Perl, C, C++, Java, whatever is appropriate for the task...
Whilst they all talk to each other via the CLR, Don can write more bindings.

- Jeff

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