[linux-elitists] K5 wishes the EFF a merry Christmas

Rusty Foster rusty@kuro5hin.org
Sun Dec 23 10:20:35 PST 2001

I don't need to tell you guys why the EFF matters to us. They're
fighting for our freedom against some very large and well-funded
opponents, and they're losing pretty badly so far. They have no money,
and the support from the community is apathetic at best. See Lessig in
Slashdot for the long and erudite version of this argument:

In an effort to get the EFF some wider recognition and support, K5 is
giving them all of our income from now until the end of Christmas. I
really would like to get the widest possible dissemination of this news,
so I figured the elitists would be good people to notify. The link is
<http://www.kuro5hin.org/eff_christmas.html>. Please blog it, post it,
tell anyone who ought to know. And if you haven't given to the EFF
lately (<http://www.eff.org/support>), Hannukwaanzmas is a great excuse.

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Who is "rusty" anyway? I figured you meant it like "junior" 
so I chose Mandrake because it's easy and it would be a good 
start for a kid.

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