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Subject: FWD (SK) Linux continues onward march in land of its birth

In a report releassed by the local media today, Finland's old capital of
Turku announced that Linux will be its exclusive operating system on
city-run computers and networks already next fall.

It's hard to argue against the cost of using the Linux OS, since it is
absolutely free -- which certainly can't be said for Microsoft's. In fact,
it was projections from Microsoft itself noting as high as 75% short-term
operational cost increases which ended up being the key reason why the City
of Turku, together with other municipalities in the land of Linux's birth,
initiated its investigations into the viability of eliminating Microsoft
from the equation entirely. A complete switchover to Linux is set to save
the economically challenged city millions each year.

Intermittent system failures combined with Microsoft systems' pronounced
vulnerability to virus attacks and hacker intrigue were also important
criteria affecting the decision. "It's actually nothing new," administrative
director Jouko Lehmusto commented. "We've been dissatisfied with Microsoft's
way of doing things for years." It is also widely believed that as Turku
adopts Linux other municipalities, following the city's test run, will
follow suit.

Turku also plans to introduce the OS originally developed by Finnish
software guru Linus Torvald into its school and university systems. The user
programs replacing Microsoft's come under the "OpenOffice" banner, largely
made up of clones and facsimiles of the giant Seattle-based corporation's
own "Office" suite.

On the State level, the Finnish Ministry of Finance has also launched an
investigation into the possibilities of dumping Windows and the MS OS in
favor of the "happy penguin" (Linux's ubiquitous mascot).

It's not just Finland which is poised to nationally threaten Microsoft's
gargantuan empire. Both Germany and France have officially resolved to give
favor to Linux, and even China now incorporates its own so-called "Red Flag"

-- Paul W Harrison
Turku, Finland
interEnglish (Finland)
Paul W Harrison, TESL

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