[linux-elitists] Carpal tunnel prevention and X

Andy Bastien andy@yuggoth.net
Thu Dec 20 15:38:54 PST 2001

On Wed, 2001-12-19 at 13:34, Don Marti wrote:
> They say that improving your touch-typing skills is a good way to
> prevent RSI.  Is it possible to set up X such that the left-side
> modifier keys only work on the letters on the right side of the
> keyboard, and vice-versa?

I'd have to agree.  Touch-typing skills include learning the correct way
to position your hands, wrists, and back to type effectively.  These
techniques will also tend to reduce the chance of injury to your wrists
and hands caused by typing.  If you learn to type well, you will only
use the left-hand modifiers for the right-hand keys (and vice versa) by

ObPersonalExperience:  I used to have problems with tendonitis from
using a computer for several hours every day.  I solved the problem by
simply buying a couple of gel wrist rests and new mice.  The styrofoam
and plastic wrist rests just don't provide the right kind of increasing
resistance.  The mice are the Microsoft grey-colored optical type with
the tailight (I've forgotten the exact name, but I know that "explorer"
is in there somewhere).  They feel a little wierd at first use. The
trick is to get used to resting your palm on the mouse and moving it
with your arm instead of your wrist; once you do this all other mice
feel like injuries waiting to happen.  I actually use one on my Sun
Blade at work; thanks to USB it works perfectly (at least, the first
three buttons do).

If you do have RSI problems I'd recommend that you try using
well-designed wrist rests and mice before blowing a great deal of time
and expense on chiropractors and surgeons.

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