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I love that sumnation, but what we are doing in DotGNU is something a 
bit different.  

First, there is general work on portable and usable virtual machine 
(bytecode) interpreters, including the ECMA spec one (Portable.NET 
runtime) which is both fully portable to many posix platforms and has 
some very neat optimizations, and a system environment to allow multiple 
VM's to interoperate together on the same machine under the control of a 
single execution daemon.  One should be able to use the language and 
tools of choice that make sense for the job rather than one language or 
execution environment alone, including native code.  Of course, this 
also means the never ending quest for a Java runtime available on a 
truelly free software license and additional supporting Java class 
frameworks for...

...the goal of an internet scalable base authentication and identity 
system that offers distributed authentication and identities which can 
be deployed without a centralized authority and without compromising 
either the privacy of personal data or the integretity of commercial 
entities.  In fact, to do that, identity must be capable of being hosted 
purely on local machines if one does not wish or want to surrender one's
personal data to any so called trusted third party.  A working reference 
implimentation of such a system does exist today in IDsec from the 
Telematica institute based in Holland.

Third, there is work on pure web services that will integrate with these 
things to provide practical local, workgroup, and internet wide 
services, as well as interoperability between internet services 
projects.  This includes the phpGroupWare project, which is now part of 
DotGNU, and the work being done for a next generation Savannah.


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