[linux-elitists] IP: Just to balance the scales (fwd)

Brenno J.S.A.A.F. de Winter brenno@dewinter.com
Mon Dec 17 01:17:51 PST 2001

But he's doing the right thing. Selling his powerbook for a cheap price. 
However be carefull: If he doesn't understand booting, what ensures us 
he didn't connect 220V to his networkcard?
Eugene Leitl wrote:

>The man is so pathetic.
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>Date: Sun, 16 Dec 2001 19:05:16 -0500
>From: David Farber <dave@farber.net>
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>Subject: IP: Just to balance the scales
>Today , my brand new Apple Powerbook G4 Titanium running normal OS X 10.1
>got a kernal fault ( for no reason I can tell) and when I reset the machine
>to reboot, all it would do is try to boot from the floppy (which I and most
>folk don't have. Attempts to use the Option boot yielded no additional
>options I would locate and I am stuck with a dead machine
>To say I am pissed is an understatement. I suspect if I can get my Windows
>Laptop unstuck from a PGP induced problem I may have a Powerbook for sale
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