[linux-elitists] BurnAllRedHat?

Derek Vadala derek@cynicism.com
Fri Dec 14 03:50:36 PST 2001

On Thu, 13 Dec 2001, Rick Moen wrote:

> begin Derek Vadala quotation:
> > I think in this case it goes back to what a "reasonable person" would
> > assume. 
> Indeed, the Nolo Press wording recently cited strikes me as being a fair
> guide to how a dispute on this would be decided, absent the "I'm bigger
> than you are" clause.

The really interesting case would be _Black Hat Linux_. I think it was Don
that mentioned this as a potential name. Clearly it has industry meaning
beyond the scope of any Red Hat mark and it's a potentially useful name
for a distribution that has no basis on Red Hat. Yet there are quite a few
reasonable people that would likely be confused.

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