[linux-elitists] SF Monday Night Hackers Club...

Kevin A. Burton - burtonator burton@openprivacy.org
Thu Dec 13 13:47:28 PST 2001


Just a random idea.

Am I correct to assume that there are a lot of SF based hacker/tech savy people

It seems a shame to have a large population of anti-DMCA/pro-freedom hackers in
SF and not take advantage of this.

I am thinking of starting a Monday Night Hackers Club.

Basically it would be a bunch of hippie radical elitist hacker types that meet
once a month at a quiet restraunt to talk about relevant computer topics:

- Open Source
- anti-DMCA
- privacy
- bad patents
- P2P networks
- crypto

... you get the point.  

It would be semi-casual.... each night could have a general theme with something
relevant in the press.


I think the combination of hackers and the killer restraunts in SF could really
be lethal for "The Man". :)


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