[linux-elitists] IP: MS Patent for DRM OS (fwd)

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Subject: IP: MS Patent for DRM OS

>From: John Young <jya@pipeline.com>
>Microsoft's patent for a Digital Rights Management
>Operating System was awarded yesterday:
>   http://cryptome.org/ms-drm-os.htm
>A digital rights management operating system
>protects rights-managed data, such as downloaded
>content, from access by untrusted programs while
>the data is loaded into memory or on a page file
>as a result of the execution of a trusted application
>that accesses the memory. To protect the
>rights-managed data resident in memory, the
>digital rights management operating system refuses
>to load an untrusted program into memory while the
>trusted application is executing or removes the data
>from memory before loading the untrusted program.
>If the untrusted program executes at the operating
>system level, such as a debugger, the digital rights
>management operating system renounces a trusted
>identity created for it by the computer processor
>when the computer was booted. To protect the
>rights-managed data on the page file, the digital
>rights management operating system prohibits raw
>access to the page file, or erases the data from
>the page file before allowing such access.
>Alternatively, the digital rights management
>operating system can encrypt the rights-managed
>data prior to writing it to the page file. The
>digital rights management operating system also
>limits the functions the user can perform on the
>rights-managed data and the trusted application,
>and can provide a trusted clock used in place of
>the standard computer clock.

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