[linux-elitists] BurnAllRedHat?

Rusty Foster rusty@kuro5hin.org
Wed Dec 12 11:07:46 PST 2001

David Shaw <dshaw@jabberwocky.com> said:
> After reading the new trademark guide, I'm not sure if there is any
> way to sell a Red Hat CD while still using the words "Red" and "Hat"
> in near proximity to each other.  It's chock full of legaleze that
> lists all the things you can't do, but isn't particularly helpful in
> saying what you *can* do.

Example and FAQ

Janet Smith decides to download Red Hat® Linux version 6.0 from Red
Hat's ftp site. She makes no modifications to the software and
manufactures CDs containing Red Hat® Linux 6.0 and no other software.
She wants to market her CDs...

Q: Janet prominently brands her product "Smith Linux," and in
accordance with the typeface guidelines mentioned above, states that
her product "Contains Red Hat Linux 6.0." She follows the other
guidelines in this document and includes the attribution and
disclaimer language set out in 4(C)(4) above. Is this acceptable?
A: Yes.

So as far as that document goes, you can say "based on Red Hat Linux"
or "contains Red Hat Linux" in typeface no larger than 1/3 the size of
that used for your products brand name.

Sounds fair to me. 

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