[linux-elitists] Re: random questions

Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Mon Dec 10 08:02:15 PST 2001

begin Karsten M. Self quotation:

> It's not the provocation, but the response, I was referring to.
> You know this tune, Rick.

Thank you for being specific.  Here was my response, then:


begin Jason Whittle quotation:                                                  
>> I highly recommend his small but deft volume of memoirs, _My Secret
>> War_.  Much more interesting and worthwhile than, say, Wright's
>> _Spycatcher_, which came out about the same time.                            
> Hmmm... A book presented a non-fiction, written by a man who was
> arguably one of the great manipulators of the century. I sense that
> you have a greater desire to be deceived than even a devout Mormon.           
> Seriously though, _My Secret War_ contains a great deal what is
> presented as factual information that other members of the spy trade
> have deemed apocryphal. I don't know about _Spycatcher._                      

I can't help noticing that these judgements you allude to fail to
address the question of whether Philby's book is interesting and
worthwhile -- while gratuitously attributing to me (in your first
paragraph) views I nowhere stated.

I don't believe I've met you, sir.  Do you have some particular reason
for this sort of behaviour, or were you just having a bad day and
determined to share?


Does some specific part of that strike you as "nasty" -- either with or
without context -- Karsten?  Which part, then?

If the above doesn't meet your standards of civility, then I must say
that you have _damned_ high standards.

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