[linux-elitists] random questions

Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Mon Dec 10 07:54:32 PST 2001

begin Rusty Foster quotation:

>> I've been told I'm an idiot.  
> I've been told you're an idiot too. ;-)

Well, as any reader of _Foucault's Pendulum_ knows, there's nobody 
around but fools, cretins, morons, and lunatics.  Excerpt here:

"Is it not the beauty of an asynchronous form of discussion that one can go and 
make cups of tea, floss the cat, fluff the geraniums, open the kitchen window 
and scream out it with operatic force, volume, and decorum, and then return to 
the vexed glowing letters calmer of mind and soul?" -- The Cube, forum3000.org

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