[linux-elitists] random questions

Ruben Safir ruben@mrbrklyn.com
Mon Dec 10 05:40:01 PST 2001

When the Beatles broke up I remember John Lenon saying, "It's just a 
F*king Rock and Roll band for Christ sakes, nothing to get so upset about".

It's Don's list, and he'll do whatever he feels like with it.  I block all 
MS domains from my mail.  Screw it.  It's not like the world rotates 
around the elitists mailing list.  It's only a product of Don's desires 
and the folks who read it and post to it.


>> The
>> moderator seems to be a script weeding out people who use MS clients
>> (right Don?).  Just take it easy, would be my advice.  I have seen
>> nothing to indicate that infrequent activity leads to exclusion.

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