[linux-elitists] random questions

Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Sun Dec 9 19:15:34 PST 2001

begin Jason Whittle quotation:

> Furthermore, I don't dispute that Philby's work was interesting. Both
> Philby himself and the architecture of lies he created were extremely
> interesting, and his take on that situation only compounded it's
> entertainment value. It was your assertion that it was worthwhile--to use
> precisely your word--in regards to a request for information that I took
> exception with.

If you habitually go around accusing of credulousness anyone who finds
"worthwhile" a work you have problems with as an arbiter of TRVTH,
you'll have few friends.  (The recently-mentioned work's veracity is, of
course, a separate issue, which I have no interest in debating with

> While I agree that _My Secret War_ is an excellent read, I cannot
> recommend it as an introduction to the subject for reasons I have
> already stated.

All that zeal for a proper "introduction to the subject" is presumably 
commendable.  However, I'll note in passing that the concept is wholly 

We might find some common ground if you'll allow that it's desirable to 
consult _more_ than one book on any reasonably interesting topic, and
that one's ordinarily expected to outgrow, by around age ten, the sense
that one's entitled to objective reality delivered on a platter and
neatly diagrammed for one's convenience.  Or not.

Cheers,                                             Live Faust, die Jung.
Rick Moen

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