[linux-elitists] Take back the net. CSS for the user

Ruben Safir ruben@mrbrklyn.com
Sun Dec 9 00:34:08 PST 2001

Hello Rick

>> A much smarter solution is for
>> markup to encode the semantic characteristics of the text, and leave
>> presentation up to the local device / browser.

I have yet to meet anyone who wants this.  And I like my Grandmother as 
she is (as will you when you meet her).

It's not impossible to get near exact precision on text and graphics.  
These things are definable.  I try to write pages that flex due to the 
standards, but ultimately there is AWALYS the question of how it lays 
out.  Other than simple text, how many pages would work through a 200PX by 
200PX window.

Browser are even capable of determining the resolution of screens and can 
resize graphics to exactly 2 x 4 inches if they choose too.

PS printers have done it for years.

I  remeber these issues coming up before WYSWIG page layout programs, 
especialy with graphics print work.  It's true that you never get the 
colors exact, and half tones play havoc with the printed presentation.  
But these issues have been slowly minimized.

With Browsers they are COMPLETELY broken.  And it's the standard which is 
the problem.  CSS is too leniently defined and code which in  IE puts the 
text in a box seperated by 4 1/4 letter in Netscape creates a jumble 
because left, right and over can't be clearly defined in the darn spec.

The CSS book has hundreds of exceptions and diference between browsers 
And it just shouldn't be that hard.  Put my 2x3 image 4 inches to the 
right from the left margin shouldn't be that hard for a 24 meg program to 
interpret correctly.

>> all that rubbish out of the HTML, into a place where it can be either
>> ignored or (noting Karsten's nice example, here) selectively overridden.

Selectly over riding it is good.

Will you be in town in January?



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