[linux-elitists] Take back the net. CSS for the user

Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Sun Dec 9 00:20:35 PST 2001

begin Ruben Safir quotation:

> I'm suprised to read this.
> Those "Influential Morons" was every net user, customer, and grandmother I 
> met over 5 years.  People wanted the stuff to be relatively static and all 
> the W3C documents to the contrary wasn't going tp change this.

Either we're not talking about the same thing, or you should upgrade to
a better class of grandmother.

For starters, we're not talking about people who say "I'd like Web pages
to look decent and be readable on my Web browser."  We're talking about 
people, mostly on the design end, who believe despite all evidence that
HTML is, can be, or should be page layout.

Device independence isn't a difficult concept, if only because the
object lessons of a decade's worth of horrible failures (furnished by
morons who tied their markup to particular screen resolutions,
typesizes, etc.) should serve as an excellent teacher, by now.
> The problem really is that CSS sucks are defining layout as well,
> leaving just a more complicated language to break layouts between
> browsers.

I personally think the problem is that CSS is a laboured shot at
performing the inherently impossible.  A much smarter solution is for 
markup to encode the semantic characteristics of the text, and leave
presentation up to the local device / browser.  But at least CSS gets
all that rubbish out of the HTML, into a place where it can be either
ignored or (noting Karsten's nice example, here) selectively overridden.

"Is it not the beauty of an asynchronous form of discussion that one can go and 
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