[linux-elitists] Take back the net! CSS for the user

Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Sat Dec 8 22:23:54 PST 2001

begin Rusty Foster quotation:

> I think what really nailed it was in the last email, the bit about
> HTML/CSS being utterly unable to cope with its actual mandate. Until
> some fixes this hideous kludge, and until the dinosaur browsers die
> off, we're still stuck with it. FWIW, I think the fault here
> ultimately lies with all the people who clung to the "structure not
> layout" mantra *far* after it was clear that HTML had to cope with
> layout, and would be forced to, whether it wanted to or not. How many
> years did we waste trying to "re-educate" every web designer rather
> than just fixing the language?

Sounds like a non-sequitur conclusion, to me.

Those Web designers have conspicuously failed to get even the _easy_ 
clues, in that area.  There's one quasi-manager at my firm who, to this
day, persists in using the "I" tag instead of "EM" for emphasised text,
in all company HTML.  And that one is somewhat technical and ahead of
the curve.

Nor do I accept your conclusion that "HTML had to cope with the layout".
I doubt that such is even possible for any reasonable definition of
"layout", quite aside from whether it was desirable for HTML to try.

The failure of influential morons to grasp the structure/layout
distinction says nothing at all about its necessity.

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