[linux-elitists] random questions

Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Sat Dec 8 17:10:17 PST 2001

begin Jason Whittle quotation:

>> I highly recommend his small but deft volume of memoirs, _My Secret
>> War_.  Much more interesting and worthwhile than, say, Wright's
>> _Spycatcher_, which came out about the same time.
> Hmmm... A book presented a non-fiction, written by a man who was
> arguably one of the great manipulators of the century. I sense that
> you have a greater desire to be deceived than even a devout Mormon.
> Seriously though, _My Secret War_ contains a great deal what is
> presented as factual information that other members of the spy trade
> have deemed apocryphal. I don't know about _Spycatcher._

I can't help noticing that these judgements you allude to fail to
address the question of whether Philby's book is interesting and
worthwhile -- while gratuitously attributing to me (in your first
paragraph) views I nowhere stated.

I don't believe I've met you, sir.  Do you have some particular reason
for this sort of behaviour, or were you just having a bad day and
determined to share?

"Is it not the beauty of an asynchronous form of discussion that one can go and 
make cups of tea, floss the cat, fluff the geraniums, open the kitchen window 
and scream out it with operatic force, volume, and decorum, and then return to 
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