[linux-elitists] random questions

Ron Guerin ron@vnetworx.net
Thu Dec 6 15:28:47 PST 2001

On Thu, 2001-12-06 at 13:49, Jay Sulzberger wrote: 
> On Thu, 6 Dec 2001, Don Marti wrote:
> >    How come you never hear anything from Rick Belluzzo since he went from
> >    SGI to Microsoft? Or did M$ make him an "executive" like the Soviet
> >    Union made Kim Philby a "KGB Colonel"?
> Rick Belluzo is Kim Philby and defends the free world by keeping Microsoft
> even more incompetent, hard to use, and insecure than GNU/Linux.

I'm just pleased to be on a list where people are informed enough to
know who Kim Philby was.   When Howard Stern takes a microphone out into
the street and asks people who the Vice President of the United States
is, more often than not, the wrong answer is offered.


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