[linux-elitists] random questions

Don Marti dmarti@zgp.org
Thu Dec 6 13:46:58 PST 2001

begin Rick Moen quotation of Thu, Dec 06, 2001 at 01:03:55PM -0800:

> Congratulations.  May I drive over and reinstall your printer drivers
> for you?

The printer is working fine, but I'll put on a pot of coffee
for you when it's time to upgrade to a journaling filesystem on
capsicum.zgp.org.  Mandrake is all ga-ga for XFS, SuSE is ReiserFS
from way back, and Red Hat wants to slip ext3 in underneath an
upgrade.  They all seem to have their good points.

> Having the Exploratorium and Lawrence Hall of Science so close by has
> probably been bad for the Tech Museum of Innovation, if only because the
> former are such magnets for both visitors and creative sorts.  That
> might explain why the Tech is so bland, perfunctory, and corporate.

Maybe they got money donations that were tied to donations of X
workstations running boring OpenGL applications.

At least the Valley's libraries beat San Francisco's marble monument
to lobby-based fundraising and minimal shelf space.

> You know, this is interesting.  I was talking, late last night, about
> editing David A.  Gatwood's revision work on the SMAUG page
> (http://smaug-web.sourceforge.net/) to swap in JPEGs for the PNGs he
> uses, there, because they fail to display on Netscape 4.x.  But, you
> know, screw it:  If Netscape 4.x chokes on some PNGs (but not others;
> see http://lists.svlug.org/archives//smaug/2001q4/000224.html), then the
> hell with it.

Users should be able to get through a web site without images anyway.

Anyone have the magic incantation to _really_ force Mozilla to
absolutely never use a font smaller than a certain size?

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