[linux-elitists] random questions

Rob Walker rob@myinternetplace.net
Thu Dec 6 11:04:48 PST 2001

>>>>> On Thu, 6 Dec 2001 10:28:30 -0800, Don Marti <dmarti@zgp.org>
>>>>> said:

Don> How many damn "The Linux viruses are coming! Virus checkers are
Don> still relevant!" articles are we going to have to read until even
Don> the Mainstream Media starts ignoring the anti-virus vendors? 


Don> If WiFi is so insecure and so popular at the same time, where are
Don> all the WiFi Skript Kiddiez? With all the publicity around WEP
Don> cracking, and the easy tools to do it, you'd think that there
Don> would be all kinds of DoS attacks, warez sites, e-mail forgeries
Don> and such from every insecure corporate access point.

Corporate Access Point hacking requires leaving one's easy chair, and
getting out and doing something with other than fingers, in a place
where you are not the master of your domain.

Don> What's the plural of Zaurus? Zauruses or Zauri?


Don> Why does Silicon Valley, which is full of the high-tech elite,
Don> have the deadly dull "The Tech" museum, while the latte-drinking
Don> artistes of San Francisco have the majorly kick-ass
Don> Exploratorium?

The people who live in Silicon Valley are entertained very much with
their own "The Tech" museums at home, and don't need someone else to
think one up for them.  They see no reason to fund something which
seems commonplace to them.  However, when something is cool, out of
the ordinary, or just plain magic, you build shrines to it.  The
magician doesn't worship his old magic, or make an effort to go view
others' old magic.  He sets about to creating new magic.

Observers observe.  Creators create.

Don> Why do people mess around with little text boxes on web sites
Don> when they could be using their editor of choice to post to
Don> Usenet? Is it because the historic groups are too spammy, and the
Don> elitists at usenet2.org scared everyone away?

"people" have no editor of choice.  They just use what is handed to
them, not realizing that things could be different, better.


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