[linux-elitists] I3 Was: Re: Yahoo sucks: Javascript requirement to feedpopups?

Ben Woodard ben@valinux.com
Wed Aug 29 08:29:35 PDT 2001

> The elitist's role is to keep one's niche clean of mainstream crap, and to
> constantly seek and open new niches, attempting to preserve pockets of
> diversity.
> Railing at mainstream vendors is fruitless, they're only doing their job:
> making dineros. One's energy is better spent by finding said niches.

I've been thinking about something rather radical for a while now. It
may be a pipe dream or I may be able to put something together. Here
is the idea for you to poke fun at.

Internet III

With the ham radio bands available in the higher end of the frequency
spectrum hams have access to amazing amounts of free bandwidth. The
idea is to make high speed links between interested parties. Some of
these links would be point to point and some of these links would
cover an area. There are three conditions associated with this
though. You can't use it for commercial transactions, you can't use
encryptions, and right now you have to build your own hardware.

The fact that it can only be used for non-commecial purposes will keep
out the riff-raff and make it our own private play ground. The fact
that we can't use encryption means that it won't entirely replace the
internet and that we will have to come up with different ways of
working knowing that our physical layer is constantly being sniffed
and that we can't use encryption. i.e. I3 is not useful for ssh'ing
between machines you use the normal internet for that. It is useful
for browsing the web, anonymous CVS and distributing software and
doing things that don't require authentication.

The important thing to understand here is I3 would be a protected
place to develop new bandwidth intensive technologies and not have to
pay premium prices for access to them. It would be a place to do
things differently. In the non-elitist world more bandwidth frequently
comes with strings, no-servers rules, high expense, no multicast and
limited numbers of IP's.

Some scenarios:

A new linux kernel comes out. A person makes a connection to a special
I3 server of some kind and the starts recieving the datafile. Along
comes someone else and he essentially tunes into the stream of
data. Leaving a hole in the file for the section before it tuned
in. Then later on it askes the server to send the section that it
missed. Imagine a huge number of people getting their kernel this way.

Something like slashdot would work differently. The client, rather
than the server would customize the content and slashdot would more or
less multicast out its pages in the same way that the linux kernel
above is distributed.

Remember ricochet -- in areas where I3 exist you can take your
bandwidth with you --- and it is free and fast.

Audio streaming, video streaming.

Why don't we have good video and audio conferencing yet? No one has
the bandwidth.

What other things can you dream up within the constraints?


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