[linux-elitists] Looking for asbestos

Ben Woodard ben@valinux.com
Mon Aug 27 16:47:50 PDT 2001

> http://dailynews.yahoo.com/h/cn/20010823/tc/va_linux_to_sell_proprietary_software_1.html
> Hmmm...I guess VA's new business model is:
> Step 1 -  Add proprietary extensions to an Open Source project, thereby
> countering most of the image the company has created for itself.

yeah a bunch of us are still wondering about this. Haven't heard much
from larry recently, all the communication seems to come from Ali. We
think that Larry might have been secretly kidnapped and replaced with
a lookalike who doesn't open his mouth much for fear of being

I came back from vacation only to discover on my first day back that
there is another round of layoffs at VA. I survived the first two but
this one got me. The goofy thing is getting rid of me impacts their
bottom line because I've been consistantly making money for the
company for quite some time now.

> Step 2 - ?????
> Step 3 - Make a boatload of money.
> <Wink. wink. nudge. nudge.>
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