[linux-elitists] WCBN-FM Returns; Others Don't.

Tesla Coil tescoil@irtc.net
Sun Aug 26 19:38:57 PDT 2001

Pleased to note that the live audiostream of WCBN
<http://www.wcbn.org>, Ann Arbor's community radio,
has "returned to the dial" for listening with GPL
software.  Notable for some extraordinary freeform
programming, it's not unusual for WCBN to broadcast 
several *genres* of music in a given half hour.

That they again reach a Linux audience may be only
a side effect of other circumstances, so I'd like
to encourage others to give them a listen, leave a
note that they sound a lot better now, telling why.

For some time, the station's audiostream was served
through Nibblebox, who, at last notice, appeared to
regard Real Audio not proprietary enough, allegedly
providing it behind unnecessary obstacles.

A few months ago, Nibblebox was swallowed whole by
Hypnotic.  Their original website is presently a 
message informing you of this and thanking you for
your patience as they "resolve a few outstanding
policy and technical issues."  Shy on details.  Word
elsewhere has it the holdup is negotiating compliance
with the DCMA.  The technical issues doubtless result
of their insistence on using a Windows 2000 server.

WCBN is now offering their own mp3 stream.  Other
college radio stations, previously using Nibblebox,
are for the moment providing their own streams, or,
off the net.  It's the wisest of times to be starting
conversations with these stations about audiostreams
accessible to free software and open source solutions
such as Icecast.

Here's a selection of previously Nibbleboxed-in
stations that have been interrupted mid-stream
and their announcements on this topic:

KFSR - California State University, Fresno.
* http://www.csufresno.edu/kfsr/KFSRstreaming.html

KUSF - University of San Francisco
* http://www.kusf.org/listen/

KVSC Saint Cloud State University, MN
* http://www.kvsc.org/listen/

WBRS -- Brandeis University, Waltham, MA 
* http://www.wbrs.org/

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