[linux-elitists] Techie guide to SF (appallingly off-topic, I'm afraid)

Ryan Waldron rew@erebor.com
Fri Aug 24 14:01:02 PDT 2001

I wasn't going to do this, because I didn't want to get flamed into
little curled-up crispy bits of former organic material for posting
something so manifestly off-topic.

But then I cooked up an incredibly tenuous connection between my
question and the list topic, and that was justification enough (that
and my increasing desperation to find the answer) to go ahead and risk
the heat.

So...my question is this:  It is my impression that there is a
significant contingency on this list that are either from, or near, or
familiar with, San Francisco.

I'm coming out for Linuxworld next week, and will only be there
Mon. afternoon - Thursday night.  I'll be at the show during the day,
but there's an awful lot in the city and in the area that is of
current or historical significance to a *techie* (Berkeley, Sunnyvale,
San Jose, Silicon Valley, etc.).

Unfortunately, all the travel books and guides want to send me to
Alcatraz and Fisherman's Wharf and such touristy places.  If I had a
week, I'd go to them, sure, but I don't, and I'm more interested in
stuff related to, well, my interests.

So (here's the tenuous connection to this list) - for those of you
with knowledge of the SF/Bay area, as well as a similar technological
bent, what are the most cool/fun/interesting places that I should try
to see during the short time I'll be there?

Ideally I'd like to know - if I, as a geek/Linuxboy/junior-hacker,
*lived* in the area, where would I go and hang out?  Forget the
tourist mess - what's cool to do in SF on weeknights (without a car,
mind you)?

Suggestions are welcome, on- or off-list.

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