[linux-elitists] Linux10.org dudes

Jeff Waugh jdub@perkypants.org
Tue Aug 21 21:54:13 PDT 2001

<quote who="Rick Moen">

> Jeff, I've passed this along to the linux10@sbay.org mailing list, where
> the Linux10 planners discuss such things.

Thanks heaps, Rick.

> A man of discernment!

But of course. :)

> Burragorang Bock, perhaps?

I hate to admit that I haven't tried this. I'll find out if we can order
some in for our next LUG meeting though, to find out how it goes on the Beer

> Redback wheat beer?  

A good one.

> Toohey's Old Ale?

Very good - never touch the "New" though. Terrible stuff.

> Hahn Premium?  Best Bitter?

Ow, not fond of those ones at all! My beers of choice are Cooper's Sparkling
or Cooper's Pale. There will be plenty of this at the SLUG bbq. :)

- Jeff

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