[linux-elitists] Sklyarov/DMCA for the masses

Bulent Murtezaoglu bm@acm.org
Sat Aug 4 12:27:19 PDT 2001

>>>>> "BM" == Bulent Murtezaoglu <bm@acm.org> writes:
[I'll follow up to my own]
    BM> In case of CSS/e-book, the offensive part is that Alice is
    BM> buying something and the law/seller is treating her
    BM> effectively the same way the gov't is treating Gen. Mallory --
    BM> with the exception that Gen. Mallory can and will try to break
    BM> the encryption w/o breaking US law, Alice the IP-buyer can't.

An interesting oddity that falls out from all this is that former
heads of the KGB can visit the US without being put in jail, but
Sklyarov cannot!  



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