[linux-elitists] Sklyarov/DMCA for the masses

Bulent Murtezaoglu bm@acm.org
Sat Aug 4 12:14:38 PDT 2001

>>>>> "DM" == Don Marti <dmarti@zgp.org> writes:
[I'll quote in its entirety as it's that good!]
DM> Crypto
DM> application   "Bob"              "Alice"      "Mallory"
DM> -------------------------------------------------------------
DM> PGP            Bob                Alice        Agent Mallory, 
DM>                                                Secret Police
DM> SSL browser    Bob's store, Inc.  Alice        M@ll0ry, 31337 
DM>                                                cr3di7 c@ard 
DM>                                                h@x0r!!!
DM> CSS            Bob Films, Inc.    Alice's*     Alice
DM>                                   DVD player
DM> e-book         Bob Press, Inc.    Alice's*     Alice
DM>                                   e-book
DM>                                   software
DM> (* as in "registered to Alice", not as in "developed by or under the
DM> control of Alice")

I'd add

Crypto app: something we don't know
Bob    : Pres. Bob the elected commander in chief
Alice  : Kernel Alice, agent heading a clandesine operation against some evil 
Mallory: General "fingernail puller" Mallory, head of state police in
         People's Republic of Evil.

In case of CSS/e-book, the offensive part is that Alice is buying something
and the law/seller is treating her effectively the same way the gov't
is treating Gen. Mallory -- with the exception that Gen. Mallory can and will
try to break the encryption w/o breaking US law, Alice the IP-buyer can't.

I really liked Don's concise table.  Is this part of a bigger write up



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