[linux-elitists] Fun with SirCam

Andy Bastien lists@yuggoth.net
Fri Aug 3 11:04:01 PDT 2001

In the depths of that dark day Fri Aug 03, the words of Joakim Ziegler were the beacon:
> On 02 Aug 2001 22:57:36 -0700, Rick Moen wrote:
> > If you're typical of this list, you've been getting an amusing 
> > barrage of SirCam-infected file attachments for the past week.  
> > I've gotten dozens of them.  Each attachment purports to be some sort of 
> > MS-Word document, Excel spreadsheet file, or such, which were in fact
> > lifted from the poor sucker's hard drive and bodily included -- prefaced
> > by (it turns out) 137215 bytes of Win32 binary worm code, created in
> > Borland Delphi.
> > But, even though gobs of potentially juicy private documents are getting
> > spewed across the Internet by MS-Windows users -- including reportedly 
> > some from sundry governments -- most of us have been simply discarding
> > them as spam-equivalents.  Which, I submit to you, gentle readers, is a
> > waste!
> No match for "SIRCAMFILES.ORG".
> Register, create a friendly web submission form for files that strips
> out the virus and uses one of the many utils to convert the doc files to
> pure text, archive all documents on the site, make a "give me a random
> juicy private document!" button on the front page, and perhaps a link to
> go through all documents in order for the benefit of robots, and point
> google at it.
> And all of a sudden, the web is a much more fun place to search for
> potentially sensitive information.

If someone wants to donate the server space I'll do the scripts for
the website, or the mbox stripping idea.

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