[linux-elitists] Free Dimity rally at LWE?

Steve M Bibayoff smb23@csufresno.edu
Thu Aug 2 10:03:40 PDT 2001

Since most of the people organizing the bay are free dimitry stuff are
on this list, I would like to get some feedback before proposing it to
the world list.

How about a protest durning the LWE ( http://www.linuxworldexpo.com/ )?
It could be on the right after The Golden Penguin Bowl on Tuesday at 3
or 4. It gives time for people to rally and also time if people want ot
go to any of the events at night. We'll get the people from out of town
who don't have local rally points to go through. It could be the focal
point of a world rally where SF woulf have enough people to get main
stream media attention, but still be called a world wide protest if we
have other cities protesting the same day.

Don't know if anything has been planned or not, and definetely don't
want to step on any toes. Of courses something this large will definetly
require permits and such.



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