[linux-elitists] Text/advice requested for UK Sklyarov protest tomorrow.

Martin Ling martin@pkl.net
Thu Aug 2 07:54:42 PDT 2001

A UK protest for the release of Dimitry Sklyarov is being held at the US
Embassy in London tomorrow. I will be attending, but am concerned that
the text of flyers to be given out may end up somewhat confused and our
demand not as convincing as they could be.

I'm doing my best to keep up with and assist the now-snowballing email
discussion, but feel I would be most effective to write and duplicate
something myself to take tomorrow - I'm still at work today and will be
tomorrow morning and can't pay full attention to email.

I plan to include:

- the facts of the situation (arrest and reasons).
- clarification of the utter triviality of the 'encryption'.
- brief introduction of the DMCA.
- why, given the exceptions made in the DMCA for security testing etc.,
  Dimitry is innocent; and the fact these are being overlooked (again).
- that if an infringement was made by distribution/sale of the
  decryption software, it should be Dimitry's employer it is taken up
- suspicions of likely unfairness in the trial (denial of bail hearing,
  use as a pawn in the developing political situation).

...and only then at last fallback question the constitutionality of the
DMCA. I have long criticised free-speech ranting used where reasoned
defense is required, not least in the DeCSS case. It's also less
relevant to readers outside the US.

If any of you could provide materials you believe are particularly good,
(I am already drawing particularly on the piece by Bruce Schneier), or
advice in producing this, I would greatly appreciate it. I will attempt
to post a draft copy later tonight.

Thanks in advance,


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