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Laurie Lynne Tucker llt@eskimo.com
Wed Aug 1 12:18:07 PDT 2001

On Wed, Aug 01, 2001 at 07:03:35AM -0700, Ben Woodard wrote:
> There is an interesting book by Noem Chomsky called "Managing Consent"

Actually, it's titled "Manufacturing Consent", his first name is
"Noam", and the book was written by both Chomsky and one Edward S.
Herman.  In case anyone wants to locate a copy...

> where the basic thesis is that the media is a free market with a
> product to sell and a goal to maximize profit. Over the years the
> media has self selected editors, writers, and presenters which with or
> without realizing it infuse their work with a slant that is
> pro-business.

-laurie (long-time lurker)

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