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> On Tue, Jul 31, 2001 at 02:23:21PM -0700, Karsten M. Self wrote:
> > Someone buy the Senator from Utah a cluestick.
> Oh, he's got one, just not the kind you might want....
> You have to stop thinking that these folks think that what they say
> is reasonable. The role of congress has shifted from managing the
> implementation of government as laid out by the constitution to
> making money for re-elections. When a congress-critter says something,
> it's usually preceded by the thought:
> 	"How does this get me more money?"
> Now, I ask you, which gets more money: siding with big business in their
> efforts to eliminate fair use and esablish a leagal basis for the corporate
> right-to-profit, or siding with the consumer?

There is an interesting book by Noem Chomsky called "Managing Consent"
where the basic thesis is that the media is a free market with a
product to sell and a goal to maximize profit. Over the years the
media has self selected editors, writers, and presenters which with or
without realizing it infuse their work with a slant that is

You are basically extending that thesis to congress which I find not
only likely but fairly probable. It is a very interesting idea.


> >     SEN. HATCH:
> [...]
> > As U.S. attorney for
> > the northern district of California, you created a section called the Computer
> > Hacking and Intellectual Property, or CHIP. Recently Attorney General Ashcroft
> > recognized your success in the most sincere and flattering way possible by
> > announcing the formation of nine additional CHIPs units around the country.
> Now, I'm not a paranoid man by nature, but this really scares me. A
> law-enforcement agency dedicated (at least in 1/2 of their name) to
> protecting corporations from violations of their intellectual property
> rights? And this man is going to head the FBI?
> So, how long before "stealing profits from corporations by re-implementing
> their software" becomes a crime? I think IBM needs to start sinking some
> of that high-profile "Linux cash" into political activism instead of
> the technical side.
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